Our PARTNERS are keeping the project on the fast track.


  • Deciso B.V.

    Founder and active contributor to the OPNsense project.
    Deciso is a manufacturer of networking hardware and open source based security appliances. Visit www.deciso.com and its web store www.applianceshop.eu

  • CounterFlow.ai

    CounterFlow AI, Inc., a proud sponsor of OPNSense, designs and builds threat-hunting solutions for world-class security operation centers (SOC). The company is redefining the art of threat hunting by utilizing machine learning and sensing at the edge of the network to drive targeting operations in real time.
    Visit CounterFlow.ai .

  • TheGreenBow

    TheGreenBow is a French Cybersecurity company based in Paris, specialising in VPN client applications.

  • Sunny Valley Cyber Security Inc.

    Sunny Valley Networks is the creator of Sensei. Sensei complements the firewall with next generation firewall features like port-agnostic TLS visibility, application filtering, cloud application control and commercial grade threat intelligence.
    Visit www.sunnyvalley.io

    440 N Wolfe Rd | Sunnyvale, CA USA 94085

  • Thomas-Krenn AG

    Thomas-Krenn.AG is a leading provider of individual server- and storage-systems and data center solutions. Customers can configure the tailor-made systems directly in the onlineshop within a very short time.

    Visit http://www.thomas-krenn.com for further information.


    SECUDOS GmbH is an innovative and very fast growing vendor of Appliance Technologies and Services. SECUDOS offers modern Hardware Technologies combined with leading Software Solutions to “Plug-and-Play” appliances. Visit www.secudos.de

  • m.a.x. it

    m.a.x. it is a German network services provider located in Munich. As a specialist in business networks for multi-site companies m.a.x. it offers professional services for high performance network connectivity and security solutions.
    Visit www.max-it.de

  • BayCIX

    BayCIX GmbH is a Network Service Provider located in Southern Germany near Munich. We provide network management services and monitoring for enterprise environments. For further information, please visit https://www.baycix.de

  • Rack Matrix Technology

    Rack Matrix Technology is a French manufacturer of the patented technology “Rack Matrix M1”, a 1U rack enclosure with infinite possibilities. Rack Matrix Technology also manufactures ready to run appliances.
    Visit www.rack-matrix.com

  • CompuNet Systems

    CompuNet Systems is a German based local ISP specialized in serving fibre and wireless internet connections in combination with optimized private cloud solutions. For further information, please visit

  • Antéor

    ANTEOR is a French manufacturer and distributor of industrial & professional systems, including network appliances (microbox & rackmount). We are designing our own enclosures and offer customization & branding services.

    Visit www.anteor.com