Thank you for considering a donation!

An open source project can only thrive by the community around it.
We are grateful of all the kind words and support the users of OPNsense are giving us.

Frequently users ask us how they can contribute to the project.
First of all we need your involvement in testing and providing feedback. This makes the software better.

To enable us to continue development and keep on improving the project you can contribute by donating to the project. Think about what it is worth to you or your business.

Thank you!

These people have been so kind to support the project through a donation:

Jesse J. Alvarez
Thomas Schmid
Rene Schwietzke
Tobias Börtitz
Braulio H.Thillet
Eric Ripa
Marc van Lier
Ralf Folkerts
Michel Thibodeau
...and many others

If you like to be mentioned on the list let us know.