Some of you may know I don’t like RRD graphs, at least not as they are.
The issue is not just that the images are either too small or “obnoxiously large”,

it’s more…

  • They are static,
  • difficult to use when tracking down an issue
  • and when the scales are incomparable a lot of data gets lost in the presentation.

RRD image with incomparable scales
As you can see some of the fields became irrelevant as the scales of processes and utilization numbers are so different.

What if… we could just temporarily remove processes from the graph?
Soon, you can. As the new System Health module will be replacing the old RRD graphs…
Want it? Keep a look at our Blog and we will inform you when it is available.

The new System Health module,
Zoom-in, Focus on an issue and Export your finds.

Preview of System Health
System Health - OPNsense

The system health module will enable you to track down issues faster and much easier.

Remove fields that are not important and use the slider/focus graph to zoom in on the issue.

Track down… … use the focus/slider graph

..and zoom in

Found it?

Take a look at the details and export it to CSV?

System Health is coming to an OPNsense installation near you… soon!

Jos Schellevis
OPNsense core team