The OPNsense core team is proud to announce that it has released its 15.1 version of the open source OPNsense firewall software.
This is the first release by the OPNsense project. Download and try it now!
Be sure to visit the project website and learn more about us and the project.
The project wants to be a friendly place for users, developers and partners.
We believe that an open source project should keep its sources and build tools available for all. OPNsense uses the simple 2-clause BSD license.

Users benefit from the polished installer, rich feature set and modern user interface. Developers are invited to check out our easy-to-use build tools. Commercial Support assists in keeping networks fast and secure. The project welcomes partners to be successful together.

OPNsense® is based on FreeBSD 10 and is a fork of pfSense® which in its turn is a fork of m0n0wall®.

The next major release is 15.7 and is to be released on July 1st 2015. Bug fixes and security patches will be released when available.

We are looking forward to welcome you in the OPNsense community. Because Open makes Sense!

The OPNsense core team