Howdy everyone,

We shifted the release back a couple of days to discuss current progress and the feedback we’ve gotten and directly review the release process — it seems to be clean enough. 😉 We’ve updated the bug trackers, added a couple of wiki pages and related articles with more on roadmap refinement on the way in a day or two. Thank you for all the responses and kind mentions.

This is a typical maintenance release with ports stable updates and various core fixes. On the other hand, we are putting a new MVC-based framework in place to slowly replace the current front end scripting (yep, this is a request for comments). Here is the full list of changes:

  • Removed a spurious user-agent check to restore mobile device support.
  • Fixed pop-up window handling for LDAP configuration.
  • Fixed several minor GUI bugs in firewall rules and system pages.
  • Grab the correct OpenSSL from the system for encrypting/decrypting the configuration files.
  • Message of the day now shows the correct system version.
  • Fixed sorting and button for deleting selected rules in NAT pages.
  • Notable ports updates: pkg 1.4.10, gettext 0.19.4, libzmq 4.0.5, ntp 4.2.8p1, ca_root_nss 3.17.4, libsodium 1.0.2
  • Groundwork on the MVC-based GUI replacement including examples. This does not affect the current GUI.

All upgrade methods are viable. The images can be found here:

Upgrade responsibly (swiftly that is),
The OPNsense team