Hi folks,

first of all thank you all for giving us a fair chance. We appreciate all comments, feedback, worries and questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us here or in various other places (see below).

As most of you know FreeBSD 10.0 is approaching End Of Life at the end of this month. OPNsense is still based on FreeBSD 10.0, but the necessary custom patches have been forward-ported to FreeBSD 10.1 in the past week. We would love to push out our next stable release 15.1.6 on top of FreeBSD 10.1 including a new feature for base system upgrades which is one of our current weak points for delivering quick and easy security updates for your running installations.

In order to ship FreeBSD 10.1 we ask you to participate in this request for testing by trying the following snapshot for amd64:


i386 snapshots can be produced based on demand.

Please let us know how the snapshot works for you (bad *and* good) right here in this thread, or use one of the following alternatives.

#opnsense on Freenode IRC

Thank you very much,
The OPNsense team