New OPNsense Release

OPNsense 21.1.1 Released

Hi everyone,

The 21.1 series debut looks pretty good so far. Thanks again for your input and comments!

We will be spending a lot of time this year improving and adapting the code base. As a first glimpse, the changes of this stable update are a mix of security and reliability updates coupled with preparations for the update framework revamp we have planned for 21.7. The roadmap is still not final, but will likely contain long-yearned-for features. Stay tuned.

Here are the full patch notes:

o firewall: change order of shaper delay parameter to prevent parser errors
o firewall: fix multiple PHP warnings regarding category additions
o firewall: fix icon toggle for block and reject (contributed by ElJeffe)
o interfaces: unhide primary IPv6 in overview page
o interfaces: fix IPv6 misalignment in get_interfaces_info()
o reporting: fix sidebar menu collapse for NetFlow link (contributed by Maurice Walker)
o captive portal: validate that static IP address exists when writing the configuration
o firmware: add product status backend for upcoming firmware page redesign
o firmware: opnsense-code will now check out the default release branch
o firmware: opnsense-update adds "-R" option for major release selection
o firmware: opnsense-update will now update repositories if out of sync
o firmware: opnsense-update will attempt to recover from fatal pkg behaviour
o firmware: opnsense-update now correctly redirects stderr on major upgrades
o firmware: opnsense-update now retains vital flag on faulty release type transition
o intrusion detection: clean up rule based additions  to prevent collisions with the new policies
o monit: minor bugfixes and UI changes (contributed by Manuel Faux)
o unbound: update documentation URL (contributed by xorbital)
o ui: format packet count with toLocaleString() in interface statistics widget (contributed by bleetsheep)
o ui: add compatibility for JS replaceAll() function
o rc: support reading JSON metadata from plugin version files
o plugins: provide JSON metadata in plugin version files
o plugins: os-dyndns GratisDNS apex domain fix (contributed by Fredrik Rambris)
o plugins: os-nginx upstream TLS verification fix (contributed by kulikov-a)
o plugins: os-theme-cicada 1.26 (contributed by Team Rebellion)
o plugins: os-theme-vicuna 1.2 (contributed by Team Rebellion)
o src: panic when destroying VNET and epair simultaneously[1]
o src: uninitialized file system kernel stack leaks[2]
o src: Xen guest-triggered out of memory[3]
o src: update timezone database information[4]
o ports: dnsmasq 2.84[5]
o ports: lighttpd 1.4.59[6]
o ports: krb5 1.19[7]
o ports: monit 5.27.2[8]
o ports: perl 5.32.1[9]
o ports: sqlite 3.34.1[10]

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team