New OPNsense Release

OPNsense 18.7.3 released

Hi there,

Long-term IPv6 efforts continue in the form of further 6RD feature comfort and a few edge-case fixes in IPv6 interface selection. Please note there is a reboot necessary due to a security advisory amendment and errata patch.

Progress was made on the importer that blocked further efforts in ZFS installation originally planned for 18.7. You can now list available ZFS pool and import from any of those if you so wish. Props to Smart-Soft for the contribution.

On the plugin side development for the upcoming WireGuard VPN, ntopng and vnStat plugins continues. Check the forum for further updates.

Here are the full patch notes:

o system: gateways widget show/hide feature (contributed by Team Rebellion)
o system: select correct IPv6 default route when underlying IPv6 interface differs
o system: extended meta-matching for special characters in ACL patterns
o system: show last diff by default in configuration history page
o system: refactor password logic in user manager for clarity
o system: link-local listen IPv6 requires reading underlying IPv6 interface
o interfaces: avoid boot mismatch on several virtual plugin devices
o interfaces: list widget show/hide feature (contributed by Team Rebellion)
o interfaces: stats widget show/hide feature (contributed by Team Rebellion)
o interfaces: stop wireless software before bringing down the interfaces
o interfaces: fix selection issue for DHCPv6 PD "none" value
o interfaces: make "64" the page default for DHCPv6 PD
o interfaces: allow IPv4 address override in 6RD
o interfaces: fix 18.7.2 gateway read regression in 6RD
o interfaces: give each 6RD tracker a different IPv6 address
o dhcp: add DHCP Dynamic DNS key algorithm selection (contributed by Ingo Theiss)
o dhcp: correctly load DHCPv6 settings in manual tracking (contributed by Team Rebellion)
o dhcp: do not show lease actions if interface cannot be found
o dhcp: unhide DHCPv6 service when not using automatic PD
o dnsmasq: annotate that "all" is the recommended interface binding option
o importer: list all available ZFS pools (contributed by Smart-Soft)
o importer: do not try to unload ZFS on ZFS boot, sanely rejected anyway 😉
o importer: ZFS pools are now addressed as e.g. "zfs/zroot"
o importer: always loop until exit or successful import
o intrusion detection: source, destination, pass support in user rules (contributed by Michael Muenz)
o ipsec: change hash checkboxes in phase 2 to selectpicker
o openssh: change interface bind logic to only bind to currently available addresses
o openvpn: align status columns for client and P2P case (contributed by Andy Binder)
o shell: change banner and setaddr interface iteration
o unbound: swap stub-zone for forward-zone in overrides (contributed by John Keates)
o static: interface iteration conversions in system, firewall and interfaces pages
o ui: fix firmware-product file access when using ui_devtools
o plugins: os-bind 1.2 log file viewer and oversized list removal (contributed by Michael Muenz)
o plugins: os-c-icap 1.6 (contributed by Michael Muenz)
o plugins: os-dyndns 1.9 allow plus sign in username (contributed by Charles Ulrich)
o plugins: os-haproxy 2.9 backend HTTP reuse option (contributed by andrewheberle)
o plugins: os-net-snmp 1.1 IPv6 compatibility (contributed by MrXermon)
o plugins: os-rfc2136 1.4 widget style tweaks
o plugins: os-theme-rebellion 1.5 style update (contributed by Team Rebellion)
o plugins: os-tinc 1.4 log facility fix
o src: fix print of stf(4) interface information
o src: fix regression in Lazy FPU remediation[1]
o src: fix improper ELF header parsing[2]
o ports: curl 7.61.1[3]
o ports: lighttpd 1.4.50[4]
o ports: sudo 1.8.25p1[5]

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team