New OPNsense Release

OPNsense® 17.7.12

Hello there,

As 18.1 is drawing near this stable update for the 17.7 series could be the last one. So whether there will be a hotfix to enable the update path or a full 17.7.13 remains to be seen, but we will keep you informed either way. The targeted release date for 18.1 is January 29.

For now we refrain from letting users upgrade directly to the release candidates, but suffice to say that with the development version accompanying this update it is possible from the console. And again thank you to all early adopters which have made the release candidates a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Here are the full patch notes:

  • system: use correct crypto library to gather GUI SSL ciphers
  • system: do not wrap action buttons in tunables page
  • system: fix CA serial number decrement on save
  • firmware: remove the discontinued hotfix backend support
  • firmware: allow dot in package name during package action
  • firmware: remove defunct mirrors
  • interfaces: make level of detail stick in packet capture
  • interfaces: auto-lock problematic interfaces upon assignment
  • firewall: make NAT reflection enable less ambiguous
  • firewall: fix NAT formatting in states dump page
  • network time: fix for valid negative offset in health graph
  • network time: OPNsense NTP pool is now available
  • network time: fix parsing of overly overlong lines
  • web proxy: use PID file instead of daemon name for status probe
  • wizard: add unbound to wizard and uncheck DNSSEC by default
  • ui: HTML compliance fixes button in link usage (contributed by NOYB)
  • mvc: added mutable service controller
  • mvc: added sub-tab layout partials
  • mvc: do not render empty toggle header
  • plugins: acme-client 1.13[1] (contributed by Frank Wall)
  • plugins: dyndns 1.5 with button in link usage fix (contributed by NOYB)
  • plugins: helloworld 1.4
  • plugins: igmp-proxy 1.3 with button in link usage fix (contributed by NOYB)
  • plugins: tor 1.4 adds contact info (contributed by Fabian Franz)
  • plugins: web-proxy-useracl 1.0 (contributed by Smart-Soft)
  • ports: libressl 2.6.4[2]
  • ports: php 7.1.13[3]

Stay safe,

Your OPNsense team