New OPNsense Release

Hi all,

After a brief timeout due to a super happy image release, 17.1.5 brings to you several longterm improvements for the firewall handling, dynamic DNS and several plugin updates, with Quagga and Monit as two brand new additions to the pool. As an especially longterm improvement, the German translation finally hit 100% completed thanks to the many contributors over the last two years.

We are currently working on extending SafeStack support to mission-critical third-party packages, testing the move to PHP 7.1 and finishing the associated roadmap for the upcoming 17.7 release. Stay tuned for more.

Here are the full patch notes:

o system: show save message in correct language after language switch
o firmware: remove obsoleted packages after a successful major update
o firmware: flip the menu order of plugins and packages
o firmware: switch to new embedded kernel/base set version
o firewall: improve alias cleanup
o firewall: new “select all” feature in firewall rules listings
o firewall: add priority setting to advanced rules (contributed by djGrrr)
o firewall: cleanup of gateway handling
o firewall: cleanup of rule generation and fix for missing rules for group interface network (contributed by Ian Matyssik)
o firewall: improve alias validation messages
o dhcp: add route features to router advertisements
o dhcp: add missing server pool loop counter
o unbound: fix DHCP watcher using wrong timezone
o unbound: improve DHCP watcher MAC address read
o intrusion detection: use “auto” hostmode setting
o web proxy: decode content when downloading ACL
o web proxy: add all virtual IPs to listening configuration
o web proxy: add extended file logging option
o openssh: migrated to plugin framework code
o openvpn: correctly export renegotiate time of zero
o openvpn: reenable the XOR patch support
o dynamic dns: multiple fixes and migrated to plugin framework code
o rfc2136: multiple fixes and migrated to plugin framework code
o rfc2136: separated code from dynamic DNS
o rfc2136: added dashboard widget
o lang: updates for Chinese, Czech, Japanese
o lang: German translation hits 100% completed
o plugins: gracefully deal with fatal parse errors in plugin code
o plugins: acme-client 1.5 (contributed by Frank Wall)
o plugins: haproxy 1.14 (contributed by Frank Wall)
o plugins: monit 1.0 (contributed by Frank Brendel)
o plugins: quagga 1.0.0 with OSPF and RIP support (contributed by Fabian Franz)
o ports: pkg 1.10.1[1][2]
o ports: sqlite 3.18.0[3]
o ports: curl 7.54[4]
o ports: openssh 7.5p1[5]
o ports: hyperscan 4.4.1[6]
o ports: dhcp6 20080615.2[7]
o ports: ca_root_nss 3.30.1
o ports: bind 9.11.1[8]
o ports: strongswan 5.5.2[9]
o ports: php 7.0.18[10]

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team