Before we get on with the release candidate for 16.7, we are proudly presenting the latest and greatest stable addition to the 16.1 series.

No time to lose, enjoy the summer!

Here are the full patch notes for 16.1.18:

  • system: properly run fsck on boot if needed
  • system: new Cron page and API now available for general use
  • system: QR codes are now generated locally in the browser (contributed by Fabian Franz)
  • system: harden serial config write against power failures
  • system: allow serial config to attach to all available ttys
  • system: added missing ACL entry for LDAP user import page
  • system: reworked log page layout and dependencies
  • firmware: detach / reattach support for upgrade page
  • firmware: mirror and flavour selection moved to respective page
  • interfaces: improvements for 4G devices (sponsored by[1])
  • interfaces: debug mode and logging for rtsold in DHCPv6 mode
  • dhcp: separate pages for router advertisements and service control
  • dhcp: IPv6 server as a stand-alone process for service control
  • dhcp: fixed and improved writing of dynamic DNSconfiguration
  • ports: python 2.7.11_3[2], unbound 1.5.9[3], curl 7.49.1[4], openssl 1.0.2_14[5], sudo 1.8.17p1[6], php 5.6.23[7], pcre 8.39[8], haproxy 1.6.6[9]
  • src: tzdata updated to 2016e[10]
  • src: fix pf fragement timeout[11]

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team