New OPNsense Release

Today we offer complementary improvements and fixes to your swinging installation in the hopes that they will make your daily experience even better, rounded off with a pinch of SSL crypto updates.

In other news, we are getting ready for a first 16.7 release candidate after having finished the full work on the FreeBSD 10.3 base system including the addition of HardenedBSD’s ASLR. More on this next week.

Here is the change log for 16.1.17:

  • ports: isc-dhcp-server 4.3.4[1], syslogd 10.3, libressl 2.3.6[2], openssl 1.0.2_13[3]
  • system: fix OTP QR code link to amend the first request
  • system: allow to override TRIM apply at boot time via /etc/fstab[4]
  • dashboard: fix OpenVPN test data display
  • dashboard: gateway widget style updated
  • interfaces: allow debug option for dhcp6 client
  • interfaces: allow to delete WAN as well
  • interfaces: properly restart the respective proxy ARP daemon
  • firewall: fixed HTML errors in NAT edit page
  • services: fixed unbound custom option handling
  • services: allow RA send behaviour to be configured
  • services: show correct dynamic DNS type when editing an existing entry
  • openvpn: bring back authentication method selector
  • openvpn: create interfaces at boot time and even when disabled
  • power: separate menu for power off and reboot functions
  • intrusion detection: allow to drop/reset log files
  • plugins: can now create local logging sockets for chroot environments
  • plugins: new HAProxy version 1.3 with assorted fixes (contributed by Frank Wall and Manus Freedom)
  • lang: major updates for Russian (contributed by Smart-Soft Ltd.)
  • lang: assorted translation fixes (contributed by Fabian Franz)
  • lang: minor updates to Chinese, German and French

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team