New OPNsense Release

Hello there,

It is time for something new. How about an update with your new NetFlow remote export. Or your local reporting frontend? Well, you can always use both if you like. Read all about it here:

Furthermore, we have added the brand new AQM CoDel version 0.2.1 to the mix, yesterday’s FreeBSD security advisories, released the HAProxy plugin, bundled a full Japanese translation. And two-factor authentication support for our components? Yes, we also have that now. 🙂

There is also a refreshed website for our general viewing pleasure. Let us know what you think or what it is missing.

And now, here is the full change log for 16.1.14:

  • src: tzdata updated to 2014d[1]
  • src: dummynet AQM updated to 0.2.1[2]
  • src: fix multiple OpenSSL vulnerabilities[3]
  • src: fix excessive latency in x86 IPI delivery[4]
  • src: fix memory leak in ZFS[5]
  • src: fix buffer overflow in keyboard driver[6]
  • src: fix incorrect argument handling in sendmsg[7]
  • ports: sqlite 3.12.2[8], openvpn 2.3.11[9], squid 3.5.19[10]
  • plugins: HAProxy plugin version 1.0 (contributed by Frank Wall)
  • lang: Japanese 100% completed
  • lang: updates for French and German
  • interfaces: removed polling support
  • interfaces: allow subnet size of 31 bits
  • high availability: can now sync DNS resolver configuration
  • cron: reworked job registration
  • system: do not unload cryptodev to prevent panics when used by OpenVPN
  • system: user expiration date edit now has a fancy date picker
  • system: add RFC 6238 (TOTP) support for two-factor authentication
  • reporting: added local NetFlow reporting frontend[11]
  • reporting: added remote NetFlow exporter for multiple sources[12]
  • firewall: fixed schedule cloning
  • services: lower intervals for router advertisement messages

And this is the change log for 16.7 BETA:

  • firmware: assorted improvements for error reporting and smooth operation
  • firmware: partial fix for Nano update issues when RAM is too small
  • intrusion detection: promiscuous interface mode for better VLAN operation
  • gateways/routes: support for gateways outside of the interface subnet
  • routes: fixed null routes / blackholes
  • interfaces: SVG traffic graphs replaced by modern alternative
  • dashboard: finished the rework, ready for general testing
  • firewall: removed the need for custom kernel patches for schedules
  • lang: numerous improvements (contributed by Fabian Franz)

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team