Hi everyone,

What’s up! We are about to release new images to put a stake in the ground following roughly 500 commits since 15.7 was released in early July. FreeBSD 10.2 is around the corner, which makes this all the more important. First tests look promising, but it’ll have to wait a few more weeks to hopefully get rid of more custom patches and thorough testing. We’ve also made progress with nano-style images to improve interoperability between different media types. Images are scheduled to be released shortly after 15.7.10 for said release.

With that in mind, 15.7.9 is a maintenance release which only addresses our code before we make a bigger leap forward. Focus has been to improve firmware upgrades and crash reporter, all OpenVPN and IPSec configuration pages and a fix for recent LibreSSL flavours not wanting to generate certificates.

These are the full patch notes:

  • firmware: functional rework of update fetch and install, show reboot needed in alert box
  • interfaces: fixed spurious truncated interface names from showing up in the assignments
  • intrusion detection: improved rule select/deselect behaviour and alert querying
  • firewall/rules: fix missing apply button when another language is being used
  • crash reporter: multiple fixes, layout and submission improvements
  • firewall/logs: can now filter using IP version
  • firewall/nat: add anti-lockout rule for redirection
  • certificates: fix generation for LibreSSL flavour
  • openvpn: allow advanced settings for all server types
  • openvpn: reworked all configuration pages (especially client export)
  • ipsec: reworked all configuration pages

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team