Dearest friends and followers,

As the end of the year 2015 is nearing, we push one last update. And it’s been a hell of a year! This is actually the 49th official update we’re releasing, so that gives you the idea of how serious we were about “once a week”. The major upgrade 16.1 is around the corner as well, although major is a bit of a stretch: the main reason for calling it 16.1 are the all new captive portal and FreeBSD 10.2. But that’s not the point. Here it is…

We would like to thank everyone for their resounding support through good and bad times, for lively discussions, outside contributions and all the encouragement we’ve received. We’ve set a reasonable pace for progress within our project and we will certainly keep it up for 2016. That’s the least we can do for you. After all, we do like to think we’ve built a little family.

Here are the full patch notes:

  • ports: bind 9.10.3-P2[1], python 2.7.11[2], openvpn 2.3.9[3]
  • traffic shaper: page is now properly translated (Contributed by Fabian Franz)
  • system: all remaining pages in this section have been reworked for clarity
  • logs: split up the old VPN multi-log page into their respective parts (L2TP, PPTP, PPPoE)
  • logs: added filtering option to all logs that previously missed it
  • certificates: now supports different extensions (Key Usage, Subject Alternative Name) and usage types
  • dhcp: allow commas in advanced DHCP client options (Contributed by Simon van der Linden)
  • firewall: add direction indication icon to floating rules
  • firewall: lock port numbers on protocols that are not TCP/UDP
  • firewall: fix apply button on outbound NAT page in translation mode
  • traffic shaper: add TCP ACK/non-ACK matching options
  • proxy: two fixes for non-local authentication

Happy holidays,
Your OPNsense team