Howdy partners,

So here are OpenSSL 1.0.2e and LibreSSL 2.2.5, finally! 15.7.22 itself is only tweaks and minor fixes. We take it as a good sign that there were no “oh no what did you do to the menu” complaints in the past week. Nobody missed the RRD graphs either. You guys are really cool. 🙂

The root cause for the filter reload timeout reports that some of you encountered in 15.7.19 has finally been found. The function filter_generate_optcfg_array() could be called hundreds of times in a single filter reload while only providing static interface data to the callers that did not change over the runtime of the reload. At some point it must have gotten so slow that a caching mechanism was added around the function, which caused the function’s output to get stuck, causing the initial bug report. Now it’s as fast as ever and glitch-free.

Here are the full patch notes:

  • dhcp: show lease description in status pages if available (contributed by Frank Wall)
  • firewall: improve and align display of RFC 1918 and IANA rules (contributed by Manuel Faux)
  • firewall: fix hover cursor on the filter log page (contributed by Manuel Faux)
  • firewall: show implicit IPv6 block rule if enabled in system settings (contributed by Manuel Faux)
  • firewall: extend pfInfo to show active rules (contributed by Manuel Faux)
  • unbound: fix JS to enable/disable interface selector (contributed by Manuel Faux)
  • unbound: fix starting of unbound via service status page (contributed by Manuel Faux)
  • proxy server: allow authentication against all available authentication servers
  • universal plug and play: fix read/write on the settings page
  • interfaces: break device configuration pages out of interface assignment section
  • backend: optimise filter reload to not collect overall interface information more than once
  • backend: reapply the cache removal in light of the filter reload fixing
  • backend: trigger config daemon templates on bootup
  • backend: throw error when attempting to trigger a nonexistent template
  • ports: curl 7.46 [1]
  • ports: openssl 1.0.2e [2]
  • ports: libressl 2.2.5 [3]
  • ports: squid 3.5.12 [4]
  • ports: lighttpd 1.4.38 [5]

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team