It’s Patch day with lots of news OPNsense 15.7.20 Released

Hello fellows,

Today we proudly present to you 15.7.20, which includes several improvements and fixes in all areas. Notable from a development perspective are the opnsense-bootstrap tool, which can install the latest OPNsense version on a FreeBSD 10.1. Additionally, the development branch offers a sneak preview of Suricata in true IPS mode! Instructions on how to test it can be found in the forum[9].

Here are the full patch notes:

  • src: fix kqueue write events never fired for files greater 2GB. [1]
  • src: remove obsolete locking primitives IFA_LOCK() / IFA_UNLOCK()
  • src: enable netmap(4) driver support in the kernel
  • src: merge stf(4) driver modifications from pfSense [2]
  • ports: squid 5.3.11 [3]
  • ports: strongswan 5.3.4 [4]
  • ports: choparp 20150613 [5]
  • ports: libxml 2.9.3 [6]
  • ports: pkg 1.6.2 [7]
  • ports: opnsense-bootstrap, the infamous installer that works on stock FreeBSD [8]
  • intrusion detection: ignore json parse errors in eve log file
  • intrusion prevention (development): added Suricata 2.1beta4 in inline mode[9]
  • interfaces: reverted cache removal due to multiple speed regressions reports
  • backend: send timeouts with proper description to syslog
  • openvpn: fix auth server selection for translations
  • filter: make the status reload page provide better debug info
  • interfaces: fix mobile carrier selection on main interface edit page
  • interfaces: unify release/renew/connect/disconnect buttons in status page
  • dashboard: show cell mode for ppp if available

Stay safe,
Your OPNsense team