Thank you Manuel!

m0n0wallManuel Kasper announced the end of active development of m0n0wall on February 15th, 2015 precisely 12 years after its conception.

His idea to have a web-based GUI to control all aspects of the firewall has become the standard for many open source and commercial solutions.

The single XML file to store its entire configuration is another example of the miracles Manual brought to life.

And even though OPNsense is indirectly forked from m0n0wall, much of the original coding still formed the backbone of the system. Work that has been done some 10 years ago…

Now it is our turn..

Let’s bring the m0n0wall idea into the 21st century!

Just as Manuel, OPNsense aims to build a thriving community that gives and shares.

Or as he so nicely formulates it:

The newest offspring, OPNsense (, aims to continue the open source spirit of m0n0wall while updating the technology to be ready for the future. In my view, it is the perfect way to bring the m0n0wall idea into 2015, and I encourage all current m0n0wall users to check out OPNsense and contribute if they can.
Manuel Kasper

We trust you will find OPNsense to be a worthy successor and ask you to help us to make the new community project just as successful as m0n0wall.

Together we will make OPNsense the most widely used open source security platform!

The OPNsense team is proud to keep the legacy and the story alive and hosts the archives of the m0n0wall project with its full sources and documentation, see:

m0n0wall Archives
m0n0wall website
m0n0wall handbook
m0n0wall forum
m0n0wall sources